Bundle Up

As the weather gets crisper and fall feels more like a reality than something we're anticipating, I'm looking for pretty things to keep me warm and happy. I've been posting a lot lately about fall fashion and it's totally intentional. Not only is it my favorite season to experience, but it's also my favorite season in terms of fashion. Here's why:

Knee Socks! Or in this case, boot socks! As soon as fall hits, out come my knee socks. I have a thing for knee socks. I find them sexy and warm and brilliant. They're, in part, how I battle Chicago winters. But boot socks? That's taking it to the next level. How awesome for those lovely rain boots!

Speaking of rain, it's been non-stop raining here the last couple of days (of course it's on days when my car is in the shop and I have to take the freaking bus to work. LAME.). I wish I had this awesome umbrella. (For those of you who don't speak French, it translates to, "Shit. It's raining.")

As soon as I can, I start rocking boots. They're probably my favorite type of shoe next to ballet flats. (I'm especially partial to my Uggs because it's like working all day in slippers.) Wouldn't you love these rad plaid boots?

I also love scarves. I love thin ones, infinity ones, and best of all, pretty, chunky knit ones. Just like this. Cozy!

And finally, one of the best gifts I've ever received was one I thought was so bad when I got it: a down throw blanket. My mom gave it to me for Christmas years ago and I remember thinking it was such a lame gift when she gave it to me. Years later, it's one of the gifts she's given me that I've used the most. I love it and I've kept it as the throw for two different couches I've owned. It's my go to blanket on the coldest of days and I love curling up with it and a hot cup of cider (perhaps in an apple?). Here's one similar to my own (a link to buy a similar one is below)!

Plus two other great fall fashion posts! Three looks for fall and simple gold jewelry.

(Bootsocks via Sahalie; Umbrella via Raindrops; Plaid Boots via Target; Chunky Knit Scarf via ASOS; Down Comforter Image via here, but you can find a similar blanket at Overstock)

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