Marriage Mondays: Opposites

One of my favorite movies is High Fidelity (it's also one of my favorite books). I love it for so many reasons, so much so that it might almost deserve a post completely to itself. However, one of my favorite lines is when John Cusack is talking about how he and his slacker record shop friends, Dick and Barry (played by Todd Louiso and Jack Black accordingly), decided that it wasn't what you were like that mattered, but rather what you like. Music, movies, books...that was the stuff that mattered. If that is true, then man are A.P. and I f*cked.

In so many ways, we couldn't be more alike. Our attitude towards money, children/animals, housework (in that we don't like doing it and don't get too down about a cluttered house), to name a few, are exactly the same. We both like music, movies, and books, too. However, our tastes couldn't be more different. I like all kinds of music from early blues/country to Bruno Mars. I love country, hip hop, rap, classical, etc. Some people say they love all kinds of music and it's not true, but I really do. A.P. likes rap/hip hop, indie music, and that's about it. He listens to current stuff, but isn't solid on the older stuff, which is kind of my bread and butter. I get sick of a lot of indie stuff because it's so clearly a rip off the old stuff. He likes it anyway because it reinterprets older sounds.

Our disagreement also exists with books. I read fiction, nonfiction, magazines, blogs, etc. He reads articles and blogs, and nonfiction books on occasion. He never reads fiction, my great love. We can't even talk about classics unless he read them years ago. It's kind of a bummer sometimes. Movies is more of the same. He likes documentaries and dramas. I like comedies. Luckily, I'm a film nut, so I'm way more open to watching anything and everything than he is.

You would think this wouldn't be such a big deal, but it is. It makes going to the movies or to concerts difficult. We have to find an artist or movie we can both agree on, which makes for slim pickings sometimes. Also, driving is problematic. We have a rule. When A.P. drives, he plays his music, when I drive, it's my music. It's nice we've taken to creating rules to not annoy the crap out of each other, but I long for the days when I could just blast music when I wanted and dance around the place.

Still, it makes me think...are we the only ones like this? Sometimes I wish we had this stuff in common. It makes for boring conversations. And we can never listen to music together. Or recommend books to each other. Sometimes, it gets sad around these parts. Do you have this stuff in common with your husband/wife? Or are you opposites, too?

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  1. I think the best couples are made of very different people. Of course you need to have common point of views and values to make it work (conflicts about money or religion or politics can seriously screw up a relationship) but other than that, what's the interest of living with another version of yourself? No thanks!


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