The Perfect Cup

I'm warning everyone here. I'm talking about my boobs today. If you don't like it, come back tomorrow. If you are curious why in the world I'm talking about my breasts on the internet, keep going.

In order to cross off yet another thing on my list (I'll be giving you guys the quarterly update soon!), I attended Skinny Cow's The Perfect Cup event this past Sunday with my mother. My mother had emailed me about this a while back, but I didn't really pay attention (she sometimes sends a lot of links). When she got on my case and I went back and saw this it was to get measured for a bra, I figured, why not kill two birds with one stone: cross something off my list for 2011 and spend some QT with my moms.

The whole point of the event is that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size, so Skinny Cow partnered up with Warner's and Olga brands to help women find their "perfect cup." You get measured for a bra while also eating Skinny Cow ice cream cups. Get it? Perfect cup?? You also get a free bra (and free booze, food, and ice cream, plus a swag bag). Normally I am leery of events like this because of the types of people that sometimes attend them. Any event with free goods is bound to draw in some crazy. But this was actually pretty nice. Sure I saw one woman wearing a giant cut up, basketball jersey with only a bra underneath, but for the most part, people were pretty casual and classy.

The event was held in Chicago's beautiful Union Station. Unfortunately, it's not air conditioned. It's a giant hall, so it's pretty cool, but first we had to wait outside, which means most of the pictures you will see of me show me looking rather...moist. Once you get in, you registered and they gave you a beeper similar to what you receive at a chain restaurant. When it vibrated, you went and lined up for your fitting. Anyway, they'd completely done up the place. They had white tables and white leather lounge sofas. They also had really pretty pink and purple floral centerpieces on all the tables and gorgeous fuschia and purple silk pillows on the sofas. They had all these displays with old bras and lingerie, too. That was kind neat and my mom and I got a kick out of the falsies.

I've never in my life been fitted for a bra. I always just tried them on until I found one that fit. When I started gaining weight, my boobs got bigger, but when I lose weight, they never seem to get much smaller. Needless to say, I felt like I had no earthly idea what size bra I really wore. A couple of months ago I went to the store and tried on a million bras and found some 40C bras that fit very well. I've been rocking those since. The thing is, a while back my friend was measured for a bra and she told me she was a C cup. I had a hard time believing that. Her boobs are waaaaaaayyyyy smaller than mine. And before that, I saw an Oprah episode where everyone kept getting measured and they jumped from a C cup to a J cup or some crazy shit like that. Eeks! So I really expected that the woman was going to tell me I had gigantic breasts that could not be fit into a reasonable, easy to find bra size.

When we first arrived, we immediately got ice cream. They had a bunch of flavors, but my mom and I both tried the Dulce de Leche. It was delicious! We sat down on one of the white leather sofas and ate our ice cream. They had a TV screen where live tweets were being displayed. I blew my 73 year old mother's mind and tweeted about the event and then when it came up pointed it out. She thought that was pretty cool. (Btw, I tweeted under my NTMK account, so imagine what my mother must have thought when she saw that. I didn't even explain, but she asked, "Is that you? Not the marrying kind?" That was interesting since you know, she's kind of responsible for the alter ego!)

It was around then that my ass started vibrating. Our beepers went off. We went and got in line to get measured. When I met my measurer, I politely asked if I could take photos. I explained that I was a blogger (this was another first, btw. I've NEVER identified myself as a blogger to a stranger. I barely acknowledge this with people I know, though more and more I am.). She happily obliged and as she took my measurements, I took MySpace Facebook Google + style photos.

So, here's the exciting part! According to my measurements, I'm one of the 20% of women wearing the right bra size! I'm a 40C. But my kind measurer told me that doesn't mean that's what is comfortable for me. So she had me try on a bunch of size 40C bras, none of which she seemed to like. So she bumped me to 40D. Woot, I guess? After about three 40D bras, I finally found one I liked. Ta da!

I'll save my mother the embarrassment and just tell you she was not wearing the right bra size (she's lost a bunch of weight recently). After we got measured, we had some tasty bites and some wine and hung out. Then, we got our swag bag, which contained a hilarious t-shirt that says "Perfect Cup or Bust," as well as some coupons (and our free bra voucher!), and headed home. All in all, it was a fun day! And I crossed another thing off the list! Yay-hoo!

For more photos of the Chicago event, click here.

There are also two more Perfect Cup events coming up in Houston (this weekend, 8/6) and Los Angeles (8/27 and 8/28). My mom pre-registered for the event, but I was a walk-in. There was no special line for people with tickets, so if you can't get a ticket, I wouldn't worry about it too much. This would have been a fun afternoon with girlfriends, too. I highly encourage you to attend this year if you live in L.A. or Houston, or sign up next year when the tour hits the road again. For more information, click here.

(All Photos by me except the last, which was taken by staff at the Perfect Cup Event in Chicago)

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