Wedding Wednesday: Our (Post-) Engagement Shoot Plan

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So, June's Friday dances were filled with engagement shoots, all of which I had banked away as inspiration for our own engagement shoot, which over a year after our wedding, we still haven't done. I was dreading doing it for so long because I simply had no ideas for what to do. But with the help of this, this, this, and this, I finally cobbled together a plan of action for our (post-) engagement shoot.

We probably won't shoot until later in the summer/early fall. We have a busy summer (and I'm sure Theresa does, too), and I want to lose a little weight. Plus, I want to get some fun props together to style up the shoot. (Duh. Of course I do.) But in terms of what we will be doing, well...

First up, is the Fireside Bowl, a little bowling alley on the northwest side of Chicago that also has live bands play sometimes. It's a cute, retro bowling alley. A.P. and I are not what you would call good at bowling. In fact, we suck. But, we love it. When I was in college, during summer breaks I would bowl with my coworkers every Wednesday night at Marigold Bowl, a bowling alley close to my house that was so 70's, it hurt. It is the bowling alley seen in Return to Me. Marigold closed a long time ago, but Fireside is a pretty good substitute. It's also not too far from our hood, which makes the shoot feel more "us."

From there, we'll go a little south to Margie's Candies, an old fashioned ice cream/candy shop in Logan Square/Bucktown. Years ago, my friend came into town and we went here and got amazing giant ice creams and took all these silly pictures in wigs. I lost all those pictures when I lost that camera in the back of a cab. Sniff. Sniff. Please accept these photos instead.

And we'll end the shoot with a picnic in Humboldt Park. It's not Logan Square, which is what we're closest to, but it's much grander than Logan Square, which is pretty much a square. Humboldt Park has a lagoon, and pretty little nooks and streams. It's perfect for a pretty picnic in the park. Now, to find a good vintage picnic basket...

(Fireside photos via Yelp; Interior Margie's Candies Photos via Yelp; Exterior Margie's Candies Photo via here; Humboldt Park Photos via Yelp)

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  1. I love the Park set, I can't wait to see your pics(if you feel like sharing of course)


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