On the Cusp on a New Decade

Soon, my pets, soon, I will be 30. It's not for a few more months, but it's coming, so I'm thinking about it. I don't actually care that I'm turning 30. My one goal, the only one that really matters to me, is that my credit card is paid off. It will be. It almost already is. So, other than that, my only goal is to have an awesome birthday. Because the last four birthdays have been terrible. One year, my water got turned off, and nobody called me. So basically, I spent the day unloved and dirty. Kickass.

I feel bad, though, because I'm thinking about having a party, and last year, I super big time let A.P. down on his 30th. It was right at the height of wedding planning and stress, and I just couldn't plan a big to do for his birthday, too. So we went out to dinner, and I bought him a really expensive gift to make up for my ineptitude at multi-tasking.

Anyway, the party I'm thinking about having would feature all the music I listened to and loved in my 20s. How awesome would that be? Throw in these record platters, and you've got yourself a kickass party!

(Photo via Gangsta Bride)

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