Giving Greenery

We never got the tree up the other night. It snowed in Chicago. Our first big snow. Then, as per usual, it got cold. Very cold. Today was a whopping 16 degrees! Suffice it to say, we never felt like dragging the tree and the boxes of ornaments and decor up three flights of stairs. So instead of looking at a Christmas tree in my living room and getting into the holiday spirit, I've been surfing the internerd. What else is new?

Anyway, check out this awesome find! What better gift to give than a little bit of green to cheer up the joint during the dull, white winters (like the one I'm currently trudging through)? Postcarden is a UK company offering a small assortment of postcards that the receiver can plant a small garden in using the enclosed seeds. That's right...you can plant a mini-garden in the postcard. How freaking rad is that?? What a fabulous idea, and what a clever name for a company!

(Found via Oh Joy!)

(Photo via Postcarden)


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