Happy News from Blogland!

Good things are happening to some of the bloggers whose blogs I read...

Felix at Avoision is one of five finalists for The Museum of Science and Industry's Month at the Museum. Check out his profile here. The voting has ended and the winners will be announced this Wednesday! Let's keep our fingers crossed for him!

And after a tough summer and some ups and downs (with more of the latter), Drea of The Maiden Metallurgist fame is expecting her first child with her husband, Josh!

Congrats to both! I can't wait to see how both plots develop!


  1. Thanks for the kind wishes! And man- I wanted to apply for that sooo bad... just had a few really good reasons why I wasn't a great idea.

  2. I did, too! I, like you, felt like there were few reasons it wasn't a good idea (like perhaps I would have a job by then...which I do). Oh well. I'm still super psyched that Felix is a finalist! So cool!


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