Getting Organized

It's amazing how when you get some areas of your life organized, others follow. Even though I'm at a new company this year, this is technically my second year doing the job, and it is like night and day. Last year, on top of all my personal drama, I ran around work like a chicken with my head cut off. It was insane. Plus the long commute, and the stress and anxiety towards the end, when I got laid off made for a less than pleasant work environment. I hated staying late, because that meant getting home at an ungodly hour, and so my desk was always a gigantic mess, with paperwork everywhere, and stuff just strewn about. My life was also unorganized. Between the stress of work and the stress of life, it was all I could do to pass out in front of the TV when I got home. Laundry piled up, there was crap everywhere for the wedding. It was like a tornado hit. I didn't even like having people over to visit, it was such a mess.

This year is a complete 180! It started with my summer project of hardcore cleaning and redecorating this place. Our place is still not 100% perfect, but it's so much better than it was. There is actual living space, well, when A.P.'s clothes are not strewn about...but even that is manageable. The mess from before was borderline Hoarders-like behavior. I mean that's an exaggeration, but it was bad. And, it gets better! My workspace is immaculate! Every first day of my work week, I stay late and file/organize. It's awesome. I'm also insane when I come home from work every day. I switch into my home clothes (or play clothes, as I call them), and immediately put away my work clothes, and work stuff. So far, these routines are awesome.

The point is it seems like one area of my life being organized had led to my whole life slowly, but surely getting more and more organized. I am finally starting to feel grown up. It's crazy, but it's happening. I'm beginning to understand people who are on top of shit, and have every little part of their lives organized. It's happening to me! Scary!

My goal to getting my life completely organized is to get all of my work (personal and business) done in 5 days so that I can have two true days of relaxation. As of now, I am almost meeting that goal, but it is hard! In addition to the little routines, like putting things away right away (which may be easy for some, but it's hard for me...and really hard for A.P.), I also decided to put in 1.5 hours of work every day after I get home from work (and even if I get home from work hours later than normal). That really sucks a lot, but it sucks a lot less than working on Sundays, which ruins my whole day and puts me in a terrible mood. It's also work I see paying off in the future. I'd hate to have to work so hard when we have kids one day, but it's nice to know that I won't be working six days a week, and that I'm really working towards having a personal life again.

So that being said...Any organizational tips??


  1. I feel very chaotic lately, mostly because I've been so sick and instead of our regular routine I amd always alying down adn going to bed at 7. No advice, but looking forward to getting organized again soon!

  2. Going to bed at 7pm sounds like a dream! I say, screw organization...enjoy the sleep while you can! : O )


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