Dance All Night

photo by me!

As promised, here's a Dance Friday post for you! This includes stuff from last week, too, since the FILs were here visiting. But some stuff is just too good to not post even though it's a little, tiny bit old. Like Liz's chocolate mustaches and noses:

photo via avoision

Liz is Felix at avoision's fiancee and though I've posted about her awesomeness before, she really has gone above and beyond this time. Check out the latest favors she made! Chocolate mustaches and noses for her candy bar! How cool are those? Plus how freaking adorable is that picture of the two of them with their little chocolate face accessories? Liz=kitchen genius!

Speaking of genius, I'm loving Miss Bunny at Weddingbee's homemade place card holders. She's got a great attitude about not spending money and she fashioned these out of old cookie cutters and wire. And though that might sound a little too MacGuyver-ish to you, they totally rock. Check them out here.

Little details like the place card holders are my favorite thing about wedding planning. I know when people show up to my wedding eventually most of them probably won't notice, but I know there's always those two or three people who appreciate the little quirky details, like my friend Mimi's post about this totally unique cake topper. Although A.P. isn't the tall one, I am. I'm thinking we'll need a bride ostrich. Haha! Mimi was really on a roll, too, because she also posted these pictures of her arrangements from her own wedding. I'm loving all the different white vases. Fantastic! But I expect nothing less from someone who came up with such an awesome guest book.

I'm loving all the Save the Dates that Brooklyn Bride has been posting lately. But I adore these and those. These because I love photobooths, and those because I heart The Little Prince! So much so, I've been trying to figure out a way to incorporate him into our invites! No such luck yet, though. And though Brooklyn Bride also featured these, I saw them first at Once Wed.

So, as many of you know, I'm a city girl. A big city girl, born and raised. And with the city life comes the train. If you're from Chicago, it's the "L". Anyway, as many of you also know, I heart me some Jeremy Lawson Photography. And if you live a hop, skip and a jump from Logan Square, then these pictures will make you swoon. I've told A.P. a million times that I want to take train photos on our big day. He doesn't get it at all, but I'm hoping these photos will convince him. Look at that train rushing past behind them as they kiss! I love it! (Btw, go check out the original...my polaroid doesn't do it justice!)

Speaking of wedding photography, you heard it here first: Fuck balloons, shopping carts are the new trend. Seriously.

Good God this is a long post! That's why you don't ever stop blogging! But it's worth it, right? Especially if you didn't already catch these weddings: Bowen & Brett at Green Wedding Shoes, Emily & Chris at Snippet & Ink, and Wren Handmade's wedding as featured at Once Wed. Part of what drew me to all three of these weddings were the clothes. Chris gives good suit, and I'm in love with Laura from Wren Handmade's dress!

photo via Once Wed

photo via Snippet & Ink

Finally, since A.P. and I will celebrate our three year anniversary in a month, this post with all it's sparkler fun reminded me of our first date, when we made a cake and lit sparklers on my back porch. It was fantastic, and I, like Something's Hiding in Here, am looking forward to the next set of adventures!

photo via Something's Hiding in Here

Have a greet weekend, everyone!


  1. ooh all kinds of good stuff. i tell you we are wedding twins. i was obsessed with train pics. never did them, too lazy. but the subway in la is cool enough we could have...i kept thinking we had to do a destination in new york so i could have us in the subway.
    you've inspired me i'm going to go post.

  2. oh sorry i forgot. i considered using a reading from the little prince. don't know if it's just the illustrations you like but that's one way to have your little prince. and marry your little prince too. (oh sorry again)
    did not use the reading because it did not strike michael so much. ok i'm done.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :) I finally figured out how I'm going to display them also. I'll say one word, "Sheree" via MS. Once I order my crafty stuff I'll cajole Felix to post more pics.

    Felix and I are planning on taking the red line from our ceremony site to the reception! My mother is quite opposed, but our pictures are gonna rock. heh It's thrifty AND fun. :)

  4. Mmmmmmm. What do you think the shopping cart represents? I picked her up on aisle 5? He's performs better than frozen produce? I can always return him if spoiled?

    Thanks for the trend spotting (and everything else)! Good stuff!

  5. Thanks for the linkage, dude! ;)

    Loving your blog!

  6. LOL at Nelia's ideas for what the cart symbolizing. i am curious about that as well.

    i'm not one for all the fancy stuff in these trends (figures) but i do really dig the train picture idea.

  7. @mimi: we are total wedding twins. train pics rock. and i very much considered using a little prince reading. it might be overkill though. i'm already doing a french poet. maybe. who knows? every day i change my mind. it's going to be hard when i actually have to get down details.

    @liz: i cannot WAIT to see the pics! that's awesome! where are you having your ceremony/reception? just curious...

    @Nelia: it's homeless chic! duh. yeah, i kind of think the shopping cart is odd.

    @Lmarie: but of course!

    @mr. nichols: i'm not big on trendy stuff either. as much as i think all the balloon engagement pictures are nice, i think i'd feel like a fraud if i did that. but the trains? that just feels like home. especially the ones i posted...


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