A Calmer, Gentler Me

Woe is me! Not really, but boy was I feeling that way on Saturday! As many of you may know, since I've started dating A.P., who thanks to genetics will be perpetually slender for life, I've gained an unmentionable amount of weight. Seriously. It's like a 2nd grade child I drag around all day. As many you may also know, A.P. and I had a cake tasting event to attend on Saturday. Leave it to old Hank to rear his his ugly head on Saturday. After trying to find something, anything that fit and that I was comfortable in for about 30 minutes, I finally gave up in a fit of self-pity, half-crying and half-yelling at my closet and all its contents, not to mention at my reflection in the mirror. I've never had such a terrible time trying to lose weight! It's been terrible. We had a family get-together Saturday afternoon/early evening, and because it was taking me so damn long to get my act together, and because my tantrum lasted about 20-30 minutes, we didn't make it to the cake tasting. Now mind you this was a bridal expo type thing, not an actual appointment with our baker, so I don't feel that bad. But I do feel bad about acting like an infant with A.P., who for a little while humored me and tried to make me feel better before finally giving up and just leaving me to get myself together.

So yeah, no more angry rants on Friday dances, no more woe is me. My apartment is finally clean, I'm almost done with my back porch, and I've almost got all my little projects around the house done! And it's not technically July yet, so I met my goal to get it done before we get deep into the summer and it's too late!

Now, on to some wedding related crap, er, stuff. Have you guys seen what Dana over at The Broke Ass Bride has been up to? No, not her awesome Fresh Prince rap! I'm talking about the FANTASTIC idea behind her new web endeavor, Bride$hare. Basically, it's a website where brides can share the cost of wedding related crap, er, stuff. Seriously though, it's kind of a brilliant idea! I joined on Friday and though I haven't had time to peruse the site quite yet, I'm hoping it will be a cool way to save some money. Then I can splurge on more important things. Like shoes. Beautiful, beautiful shoes.

photo via The Ethical Style Blog

Anybody else trying to get their weight under control before the big day? Or just in general? If so, got any good tips? I know what I need to do, but I'm not above quick fixes either. : O )


  1. I didn't bother trying to lose weight because a: I'm lazy, and b: I figured 'This is what I look like. Everyone knows it.'

    But then I saw the pictures and realized everybody knows it BUT ME, because I was like 'daaaaaamn Gina! who's that fat girl in the wedding dress? Oh wait. It's me!'

    Oh well.

  2. it's so funny because for some what when you mentioned hank this time, i thought you were talking about nelia's husband so it threw me off until i clicked on the link and remembered.

    anyway that bride$share site does sound like a brilliant idea.

    in terms of weight, my wife got a wrap before our wedding. worked out well. read about it here: http://herfirst100.blogspot.com/2009/05/day-16-wrap-it-up.html

  3. Thank you for Hank! I can't bring myself to name the nether region under my chin that seems to have accumulated so much extra volume...
    I tried to lose weight without much success, then I decided that I wanted to look like me on my wedding day...it sort of ruined the wasp-waist look from the era my dress was made but I seem to be the only ones who noticed (well...my mother did but that's another story...)

  4. @surprise wedding: i was at work yesterday and having a particularly rough day (too much to do, not enough hours in the day)...i got the email with your comment and it made me chuckle. i'm also certain that you looked absolutely lovely on your wedding day. that's what's great about weddings...they give you that glow, it hides the fat. or at least it better! that's what i'm counting on! haha.

    @mr. nichols: i checked out your wife's post! i think i'm going to look into it. i totally agree with her that it's not a permanent solution, but it might be a good kickstart along with a fresh diet and hitting the gym. thanks for the tip! also, it's funny about nelia's hank! that never even occurred to me!

    @mitcherman: i saw your pics! you looked fantastic! we're all such...women, aren't we? oh well. see my comment above to surprisewedding...it's the glow that covers our asses...pun intended!

  5. Yup, I am losing weight too.
    Slowly, too darn slowerly for my liking.
    Milkshake diet?


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