You Sew, Girl!

For Christmas last year, A.P. bought me a sewing machine. I wish I was kidding when I say that it's still sitting where the Christmas tree was and in its original box. It's been so long since I did any kind of sewing on a machine, or making of clothes in general that I really need a refresher course. So, I am planning on taking a class, but I have SO many classes to take in the upcoming months that the sewing keeps falling to the wayside. I have two Groupons I still have to use: one for guitar lessons at The Old Town School of Folk Music, and one for a photography boot camp (sidebar: I've been much, much better about talking photos using manual settings lately. I'm trying to be less lazy. It's just so easy to be lazy with digital cameras. Am I right, ladies?).

Still, I've been bookmarking some pretty, simple things I could make in the future, like this circle skirt made from a vintage sheet. Check it out:

Do any of you sew? What is a good starter project?

(Photo via Cut Out + Keep)

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  1. Anna Maria Horner has two great books (and a fantastic blog) that might get you inspired.


    Lizzie x


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