Thanks for Giving


A.P. and I are thinking about hosting Thanksgiving this year. We hosted two years ago, but passed the buck last year. Last time we made the bird, and dessert, and my family brought the side dishes, appetizers, salad, etc. I'm debating whether or not to do the same thing this year, or do the whole thing myself. It's fun either way, I guess (and by fun, I mean pain in the ass).

Anyway, I have pilgrims, and pumpkins, and candy corn, and beautiful read cornucopias on the brain...like these beautiful pilgrim silhouettes from Sara Dyer Designs, on etsy.

image via saradyerdesign shop on etsy

Can't you just picture them leaned on a buffet where you have your beautiful desserts laid out? Or propped up behind a bar? Or, if you're like us, and serving your food buffet style, you might even place them in the middle of a table, with all the food surrounding it! Endless possibilities!

If you aren't like us, and are fortunate enough to have a dining room, can't you just picture these beautiful turkey place cards from cuddlecreature atop rust colored cloth napkins?

image via cuddlecreature shop on etsy
So gorgeous!

Are you guys planning Thanksgiving yet? If so, what are you plans for this year's celebration?

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