Shifted Worlds and Blurred Vision

I've been having some fun with my camera(s) and Photoshop lately. When the weather gets ice cold again, I have a photo project in mind. Then when it warms up again, I have a photography class to take! So that's exciting! But in the mean time, I am playing around with some fun, little things.

Bokeh filter (of sorts):

The cheat? I held those 3D looking glasses that you wear and when you look at any point of light, you see a certain image, which was a snowman, in this case. The neat thing is that you also get a nice vignette. Pretty. : )


Tilt-shift photos are those awesome photos that make the real world look like a model or diorama. Using this tutorial, I've been playing with some new and old photos. Here are the best ones so far.

Orlando Spring

Chicago Winter

(Photos by me!)

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