Marriage Mondays: Confession

I have a confession to make...I'm at a loss for what to write here anymore. Usually it will come to me and I'll write it down. For a while, I had a surplus of post ideas, but lately, I'm at a complete loss. I have no idea what to write anymore. And it's not just on Mondays, it's every day. Each day, I am at a complete loss as to what I should write. I have to struggle to get the words on the page. I am going through a rough patch with my writing and so I'm going to be kind to myself. Instead of putting pressure on myself to get all these weekly posts done, I'm going to take a break. It's not the end of Marriage Mondays or Wedding Wednesdays or any of the other things I write here, it's just a breather to reboot and get inspired again so that I don't just write bullshit.

Lately, I've just been feeling like this is all a huge waste of time. I feel like what I do here doesn't really matter and that all the time I spend on this blog is, well, time better spent doing other things. I put a lot of time and effort into this blog and I feel like I used to do it just for me and then it became a beast of a thing and now I just don't know. I feel like I thought I could do something and maybe it's okay to admit I can't. So, I think I just want to go back to this being a whatever. A thing with mild focus and a lot of whatever I damn well feel like. I like structure, but sometimes I feel suffocated by it and I'm hoping that maybe if I let the structure go a bit, I will get back to what I first wanted to do here: write.

I hope you'll forgive me, but I also hope that you understand.


  1. just to say, I really like reading what you write and particularly like the marriage mondays. but also if it's feeling like a chore or not fun it's not a hugely bad thing to step back a bit. I'll keep reading either way but maybe it helps not to put too much pressure on yourself.

  2. Sometimes less structure is better. I went through something similar last year when I realized I had all these deadlines for myself (certain posts for certain days, a certain number of posts I required of myself every week, etc.) and I got a little burnt out. It helped me a lot to take a step back and take a deep breath and be a little more relaxed about it.

    Just don't go away altogether, okay? This is one of my favorite blogs! :)

  3. It is worth it! We are reading :-)

  4. I hope you continue writing I like reading it! Structure didn't work for me, it felt like a chore. But I might have too little structure on my blog, since I post like once weekly. However, I'm happier with my blog being more journal like now. But taking a step back for a bit is always good.


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