Death Comes in Threes

First, there was the death of Crabs and Coconuts, then Mimi stopped posting (though maybe she'll get a reincarnation post-summer?), and now Hank and Nelia have officially stopped blogging! Where have all the bloggers gone? I'm sad to lose another blog! Even though you don't know these people, it is a loss within a certain community. All three will be/are missed.

Speaking of death, what happens after the wedding? Will it be the death of wedding planning/blogging for me? A.P. asks me all the time what will happen to this blog when we get married, to which I always reply that it will evolve. But sometimes I wonder if I'll keep reading the wedding planning blogs after I'm done, you know, planning a wedding. Well, I may not have the answer to that dilemma right now, but I hope that no matter what happens after the end, I will have a moment of deep reflection about what I have learned about both myself and A.P. like Kristina at Lovely Morning/100 Layer Cake. I don't know if any of you saw her wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake, but if not go check it out here. It's...lovely.

Anyway, Kristina posted a wedding graduate post that I read (all of it! and it's long!) and loved. It's just infused with so much love, and not just love for her husband, but for everything. Even the silly, ridiculous moments (lugging a bunch of pumpkins?) come off as being flooded with a quality of love. Plus, she gives good advice! Because of her, I want now more than ever to ask a friend to officiate, something I wasn't sure I would want to do. But A.P. and I are now discussing it. Or at least I'm bringing it up and he's going, "Yeah, I guess." Help me convince him some more! Anybody out there have/having a friend officiate? If so, how did it go? What did they have to do?


  1. Well, if you're anything like me (and I think you are), you'll need a bit of a blog break immediately following the wedding.

    I've yet to do much of a rundown of the weekend, short of a few picture posts, and am not feeling particularly motivated to do so anytime soon. Maybe I will someday, maybe I won't. For now, all that awesomeness continues to live in my mind.

    I've also sort of lost interest in blogs in general, which may or may not be permanent. We'll see. :\

  2. Indeed, it was sad to hear about Hank and Nelia's blog. I only read that one out the three you mentioned but I definitely agree that it's hard when we lose a blogger in our online community. You're right, you might not want to talk about wedding planning anymore. But you're a blogger by nature, so I still think you've got plenty more to say, but meditate on it and see how you feel after the wedding. Maybe A.P. might want to get on some of this blogging action too, no?

  3. Yes, I'm still sad about the end of Hank and Neila. Especially since Neila was so awesome at putting together the group discussions for relationship bloggers. I've had a few blogger friends disappear this summer and a few that I hope are only on an extended absence. I hope that you'll keep blogging after the wedding. From the looks of it you'll have tons of photos of all the little details that you end up choosing that you'll need to post for us.


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