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Photo by me!

A.P. and I are gearing up for our much needed vacation! We are leaving tomorrow for one week in the Smoky Mountains. We rented a cabin and we're taking (almost) all of the animals, which is pretty cool. I don't know about A.P., but I plan on watching lots of movies, reading lots of books, taking lots of walks, and making lots of things. Oh and one trip to Dollywood, because secretly I heart Dolly Parton. I plan on avoiding my phone, my computer and, well, the world in general. Our cabin is awesome and has a nice kitchen, so I also plan on making tons of yummy food. We leave tomorrow and we can't wait! I may or may not blog next week. I decided to give myself permission to do it if I want to, but I'm not going to pressure myself to get posts up or anything. So I may or may not be around. Whether I blog or not, I know for sure I won't be surfing the net that much, including Preez (gasp!), so I encourage you to email me great finds or links to your own great finds. I also encourage you to email me suggestions for the blog's latest feature! Now...on to the dance!

I'm bit time crushing on this invite. I love how it tells the story of their relationship. So sweet. And weirdly, I'm also loving the bookmark shape.

I'm also loving these hair accessories, which you could easily adapt for your wedding (if you're not doing the whole veil thing)! I especially love the blue and coral one!

Have I ever told you guys that I was Max from Where the Wild Things Are for Halloween the first year I was dating A.P.? I made my costume and even got compliments on it from a bunch of random people on the train! I still have it, too and am thinking about rocking it again this year since the movie is coming out soon. Anyway, because I heart that book so much, and because I am soooo looking forward to Spike Jonze's film version, how could I resist posting about this Where the Wild Things Are themed birthday? I never thought I'd say it, but I'm totally jealous of a one year old! I say, screw the kids...I want a Where the Wild Things Are themed birthday party!! Also if you haven't watched the trailer for the movie yet, click that link up there and watch it...the Arcade Fire (who I love so, so much) song is enough to give you chills.

Speaking of giving me chills, I'm big time digging this engagement session by the fabulous Duston Todd. I completely agree with him that knowing art makes you a better artist, and the same goes with writing. This one's by far my favorite:

Photo via Duston Todd

Vera Devera did a nice roundup of etsy finds under $50 that you could use in a wedding. Though not everyone is crafty, I feel like most people have crafty friends. That being said, don't you think you could ask said crafty friends to paint some naked peggies? I think so, too. Maybe even tell them that can be their wedding gift to you. After all, you'll have that cake topper forever!

I'm not planning on having bridesmaids, but if I was, I would soooo make this card for them:

Photo via Once Wed

It looks pretty easy to me, and I feel like even if your results weren't perfect, it would still be adorable. DIY instructions can be found at Once Wed.

Speaking of cute, easy to replicate ideas...I'm loving this escort card suitcase table that C. is for Charmed featured.

Photo via C. is for Charmed

Lately it seems as if I've been featuring a real wedding in my Friday dances, and this week will be no different. This week's wedding is a lovely, super eco-friendly one from Green Wedding Shoes. I'm down with any wedding where you get to be in a canoe in your wedding dress! (How is it that I'm a city person born and raised?) Check out some of the pictures below and go to Green Wedding Shoes to see the rest of this fabulous wedding shot by Sabine Scherer.

All photos via Green Wedding Shoes

Does anyone watch Everybody Loves Raymond? If so, did you ever see the episode where Marie takes up sculpture and makes an abstract sculpture that resembles a certain female body part? Okay, now look at the wedding cake from this wedding:

Photo via Jason Keefer

Now I love Jason Keefer, so this is in no way a reflection on his photography, nor is it a reflection on the wedding, because this was a beautiful wedding, but what in the hell was on that baker's mind when she made this cake? I have no idea what is, but I sure know what it looks like! Yummy, I guess? Lol...

Finally I just wanted you guys to go read The Broke-Ass Bride's post about healthcare reform. I've only ever gotten political once before on this blog, but I really don't see wanting healthcare reform and our government to catch up to the rest of the West and adopt a united healthcare policy as being political. Instead, I agree with the Broke-Ass Bride that healthcare is a human rights issue, and while I have not had the medical drama that she has had, I have had my own issues with healthcare. The last three years have seen me go without health insurance as I put myself through school. I couldn't afford my school's health insurance policy, and afford to you know, live. I chose to live, albeit carefully, for the past three years. Then this year, I hurt my knee. I'm lucky enough to have friends who are doctors and one who actually helped me, but my knee is still messed up and I can't wait for my health insurance to kick in so I can get it treated properly. My job, ironically, has me running up and down stairs all day long and on my feet. I'm trying to be a productive member of society and do the thing I love and am good at, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to know that I have friends like the Half-breed Swede who live in other countries that went to school just like me and never worried about getting sick. If you don't agree with me, I'm sure you have your reasons, but remember there are faces behind this debate, and they're not of people trying to take advantage of the system. And one day...your face could be one of them. Really, though, I urge you to really listen to the debate, no matter which side you stand on, and think about how you would feel if you lost your job and had to choose to pay the bills or see a doctor.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I'll be chilling like a villain!


  1. I know you're off in the Smokey Mountains getting your relaxation on (God I need a vacation), but just wanted to drop by and show you some love. I thought the invitation with the backstory was incredible. On me and my wife's invitation we included how we met and everything, but nothing that intricate. It was really well done. Also, I agree that healthcare is a human rights issue.

    Have fun and be safe. Tell Mother Nature I said what's up.

  2. I'm so happy for you that you're getting to the Smokies. We were there for a family vacation in October before we moved from Nashville, and it's so beautiful. There's so much to do, but also lots of quiet beautiful romantic places too.

    Looking forward to more posts when you get back.

  3. Oh, I read nothing after the word Dollywood. I have no idea why I love her so much. Please tell us(me) all about it is you do go!!

    Right, will read some more now. I got just a little too excited!


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