Summer Bloggin'...Had me a Blast!

Well, the vacation is over. For now anyway. I'm back to blogging! I missed it so, though it was very nice to have a little vacation, and I especially loved being just a commenter again. I just got so swamped with work and busy summer plans that it seemed like there was just no time to blog! Last week I had plans on THREE weekdays alone! Geesh. Anywho...

A.P. and I have a real wedding to go this week. Though it's more like a wedding reception. A longtime family friend got married to his longtime girlfriend from Argentina last year in Argentina. So this year, they're having the wedding reception and my whole family is going. It's a really big deal because my family is pretty big and also, we're pretty fractured...there's this one that doesn't talk to that one and my parents are divorced, and, yeah, it's just a mess. (And then you wonder why I want a surprise wedding!) So to have an event where my whole family is there is pretty huge for me. Though now I'm hearing one brother and his dumb wife, who I don't talk to and who knew the groom the best, aren't coming. Who knows? The point is that I have a wedding (reception) to go to! And I'm taking pictures and snagging ideas! And...I'm DANCING!!! Yay!

Also, while I was busy not blogging, I did do a mock-up of what I'd like our invites to look like. This is the number one thing that scares me the most. Because I want to have a relatively short engagement, and because A.P. and I agreed that we would try and DIY our invitations, it occurred to me that I need to have some ideas sketched out*. So one Saturday while it was rainy out, I sketched a little mock-up. So far, A.P. likes them. Or so he claims. He could be just saying he likes them and then later when he's actually paying attention, he will give his real opinion. he does that a lot. I think a lot of men do. Anyway, I'm drawing/designing the basic invitation, mostly, in fact, just the outline with the little birdies, but I'm adapting a pre-made invitation for the wording and font and all that jazz. When I finish it up, I'll scan it in.

And finally while I haven't been blogging, I've been saving up all my favorite stuff for Friday dance, and I realized that two weeks without a Friday dance means I have a TON of stuff saved up. Plus I'll have stuff from this week, no doubt, so I thought, why not knock off some of the older stuff in day to day posts? So first up? A carnival themed wedding from Green Wedding Shoes.

There isn't much about this wedding that I hate (except for maybe the fact that I know it cost a good chunk of change). But for wedding fantasy, you can't get much better than this. The goldfish game?!? A photo booth??!!?? Candy bar???!!!??? FERRIS WHEEL????!!!!???? Madness, I say!! But beautiful madness. If you haven't already, go check it out!

*Especially since A.P. gave me another hint! The latest hint was that it's 70% probable that he's not proposing in July, and he's not proposing in November. That only leaves August, September, and October. That's why I need to get my fat ass to the gym.

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  1. Good to see you back Marty! On behalf of the blogosphere, we missed you. I can definitely feel you on the wedding drama. That's one of the reasons my wife and I decided to run away to St. Lucia as well. and we don't regret that for a second!

    btw, that carnival wedding was amazing!


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