Dance Fridays!

photo by me!

This week's Dance Friday post is a little short. My new goal will be to tweet about a lot of this stuff and keep these Dance Friday posts shorter....they were getting so long! Nevertheless I'm a surfer, and I love to find good ideas/good things to buy/inspiration from all over. Here are some of my favorites this week:

I love, love, love this post from Once Wed. First of all, my favorite thing on all the bridal blogs are the real weddings. They're like porn and totally addictive. I'm in love with the happy faces, the romantic moments, the beautiful details. Just all of it! Sarah & Adam's wedding is, for the most part, standard: white dress, happy couple, pretty flowers, dad walking his daughter down the aisle. But it's the infectious happiness that gets me every time I look at it! Truly, though! Look below! She just looks so damn euphoric!

photo via Once Wed

I read this article on MSN, and was initially disappointed when I thought A.P. only met one and a half of these "requirements." Though my disappointment quickly turned to humor when I realized that the reason he didn't meet the "requirements" is because I'm being nitpicky and finding exceptions, which then made me realize that A.P. is right...my expectations are way, way too high for everything! Then I went back over the list, and decided, in all honesty, and without being a nitpicky woman about things, he met all but #4 ("he's still a little mysterious"), which means I'm not doing too bad.

Seriously...expectations = way too high: I wasn't going to give him #3 because he's a picky eater and still picks things out of meals...see? Nitpicky. I'd give him #4, too, out of regret for thinking he didn't measure up at first, except when you've lived with someone for a little while, and you walk into a room and the room has a, shall we say odor, because the inhabitant of said room had a, shall we say bad burrito, there can be no more mystery. The only mystery is how he managed to hide all his gross bodily functions from me for almost two years before we lived together! Hey! Check it out! He does have a little mystery, after all. A.P.'s the best boyfriend ever!

Finally, check out this cool address filer from perla239's etsy store. I saw this on a blog, but it was so late, and it was in between twitter updating and I honestly have no idea where I saw it. Anyway, it's cool. Go check it out. Etsy rules.

Happy Friday! Dance it up!

PS. Still a little longer than I'd like, but...it's got two pictures!!

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