Dance Fridays!

photo by me!

Wow. What a week. I'm so exhausted. So I rarely talk about my job here because of the nature of what I do, and the privacy issues involved. Plus, I just want to keep it as separate from my personal life as possible. I'm still not going to talk about my job here, but I will say that the temp. job I've been doing ended this week, and it's been very bittersweet. I was so sad to leave, and will miss the work terribly. That being said, it has been the most exhausting week ever! I got two and a half hours of sleep last night because I came home and cooked a lunch for the people I work with. It took me all night! Ugh...I came home today and slept from 5:30 until 10pm. I was exhausted! I still am. Anyway, that's my (lame) excuse for not blogging that much this week.

My knee is FINALLY starting to feel better! Thank God! Today and yesterday have been the best days so far. It still isn't 100%, but it's a vast improvement over, you know, barely being able to walk a week ago. Dance Fridays are, for now, still a couple of weeks away, but I feel them coming.

Now that I've entered the world of temporary unemployment again (hopefully just until summer!), I'm at a loss for what to do other than finish up school, which has two weeks left! So, I've been contemplating doing some re-decorating around the house. I've been particularly inspired by The Maiden Metallurgist. A little background on the fair maiden...I saw her wedding featured on A Practical Wedding when I first started my wedding blog obsession. I fell in love with her whole wedding, and the location. A.P. and I are planning on trying to have our wedding at the same venue. More on those details later, though. For now, there is her week long reveal of house projects she's been doing with her husband as part of their Apartment Therapy 8 Step Cure. I was so impressed with her projects that I made these birdie (go figure) canvases, and am planning on making three more for a little canvas collage in the entryway. I'm also thinking about doing some other projects around the house.

photo by me!

Anyway, a lot of this week's dances are design-related. Enjoy!

I've been collecting Altoids Tins lately for DIY projects. I was planning on making little keepsake boxes of some kind, but found these great ideas on Design * Sponge. There are the mini tin gardens, which are my favorite, as well as the tin message board. I love that both are eco-friendly, too!

My thirst for papercuts *and* birdies was quenched by another Design * Sponge post.

I sort of wish that One Love Photo had included more specific instructions for how they pulled this off.

The birdie-obsessed in me likes these gift tags not just as gift tags but also as something to incorporate into a centerpiece. I'm certain I could DIY a similar thing. Is it wrong that part of why I love Etsy is because I get ideas for stuff I want to DIY?

Plus they would match this awesome cake stand from Once Wed. I think maybe a good unemployment project would be to take all this birdie, wood, peet pot shit and make a damn inspiration board already. Does that mean I'm selling out???

I love Apartment Therapy's post on the return of cardboard. It made me feel good about my convincing A.P. to buy this a year ago. See? I'm ahead of the trend. In two years, everyone will be doing surprise weddings. This blog shall act as proof of my geniusness!

Finally, I wish I had a wedding with a smoking lobster! And I hope I ride away happy from my wedding on a bicycle built for two! We should all be so lucky!

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  1. hey it looks like you have a million great details for the wedding pulled together. i love it! woodland birdie theme kind of right?


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