An Actual Wedding Planning Post on a Wedding Themed Blog? Shut the Front Door!

As promised this post will be about wedding crap, er, I mean, planning. But first, I have to gush! Check out what my sweet, sweet man got me as a graduation present!

photo by me!

That's right! A Diana F+ camera! I've been crushing on these for a while, but since I'm, you know, a broke ass grad student, they've been a dream. Well, a while ago, I told A.P. he could add it to the gift list (we keep gift ideas for each other on a list...every once in a while we'll tell each other something to add to the list). Then a package arrived the other day, which he claimed was for the new surround sound system that he bought, but of course, it wasn't. It was my beautiful new Diana! I'm so excited! I'm going to the camera shop before my graduation (because they're like two blocks away from each other) to buy film! Yay!! I can't wait to start posting images!

Anyway, today isn't about graduation, lousy mothers (who, btw, emailed from abroad and made it clear she wasn't attending my graduation but didn't offer up any form of congratulations whatsoever), twitter, or anything else. Today, ladies is all about weddings.

As promised, I've made some inspiration boards. Truth be told, I entered Feather Love's free photography contest (and lost), and made these for that contest. I'm not posting both, because A.P. and I agreed that one was good, and one was just okay. So I give you my very first inspiration board. I'm usually pretty good about crediting images, but these are ones that I've taken from various sites for the past year or so, for my own binder. So I really have no idea where some of them came from. The ones I remember, I've posted links to below the photo. If you see an image and it's yours, please email me and I will update the post to give credit where credit is due. Thanks!

center image via Robert Ryan's etsy store
clockwise from upper left corner:
1. Tea Kettle via MagiaMia's etsy store, 2. bird gift tags via Maka Le Wakan's etsy store, 3. birdie cake via Toast & Tables, 4. handkerchief hanging vases and cake stand via Once Wed, 5. ring pillow via Weddingbee, 6. tins and flowers source unknown, 7. birdcage veil via Jennifer Behr, 8. happy couple source unknown, 9. birdie cake topper course unknown, 10. table assignments on grass bed source unknown, 11. J. Crew Daphne via Altar Ego


  1. YAYY AP! Brownie points for sure!!

  2. beautiful board, love it. would you do that veil with the flower or is it just a general idea. it's very pretty.

    my friend had that camera at my shower last saturday and we got a little tipsy on champagne and forgot to open it and use it. bummer.


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