Things We've Got Done, Things We've Nixed

So, have I told you all that the surprise wedding is out? Among other compromises I've made (note the I, not the we), I nixed the surprise wedding aspect. I dreamed of having a surprise wedding for years. YEARS, PEOPLE!! A.P. always (lied and) told me he was on board with that. Turns out? Not so much. First he was worried that none of his family members would show. Understandable. I came up with the engagement party idea. Problem solved, right? Yeah, again, not so much. Then, he proposed to me mega-early (something which still bothers me, btw...not so much because it put a damper on the engagement party plan or anything like that, but rather because while it was a really good time for him to get engaged, it wasn't really for me. I was just starting a new job, and it's been hell on earth planning a wedding and staying alive at my job.). I again nixed the engagement party idea, in favor of what I thought was a better plan, one that was a little more foolproof. I decided we could still do the surprise, but tell people it was a rehearsal dinner and then have them show up and ta-da...wedding! But this turned into yet another argument, and I gave in. It still makes me angry that I had to compromise on something that I had wanted for so long, whereas A.P. has barely done any wedding planning and certainly hasn't had an idea of what he's wanted in terms of a wedding for anything longer than a few months, but I am learning to get over it. (Read: I'm getting my way on EVERYTHING ELSE!!! Haha!)

That being said, we've done some major things on the whole wedding front. First we officially have our date: March 27th, 2010! Assuming we don't have any emergencies, and can save the money in time (so far, so good!). We also have our location: Lovely: A Bake Shop. How adorable is the name alone??? As I told you many months ago, I found out about our location through A Practical Wedding. They featured The Maiden Metallurgist's wedding on there, and when I was looking at it, it was like seeing the location I had pictured in my head for so long. Seriously. I had always envisioned this eclectic mix of tables and chairs, and lots of vintage items at my wedding. Does this fit that bill or what? (I can't do my normal Polaroids because these are panoramics.)

Lovely will be the site of both our ceremony and our reception. We decided to have it all in one location to save money and headaches. I was born and raised Catholic, but am currently living large on my heathen status, and A.P. is an atheist (which some of my family still doesn't know about), so there was really no reason to have our ceremony in a church. Lovely has a cute little courtyard, where the ceremony will be, and the dancing after dinner. Also, since no one in my family has bothered to ask me if I need any help with the wedding (they haven't even asked me if I've done any planning...lame, huh?), I figure it's not really a big deal to them where or when or how I get married. The only thing anyone seems to be worried about in my family is if we've chosen a date (mostly because they're concerned about themselves). We met with one of the owners of Lovely this past Saturday, and despite my initial fears about having the wedding there (the owners are opening a new restaurant and were really, really slow in getting back to us about things), I left feeling really confident and happy about my choice. They were brutally honest about cost, gave us pointers about how to save money on various things, and never once made us feel like they were trying to sell us anything. We're super excited!

Stay tuned...I'm planning on making a full time comeback to blogging this week (well, except for Thanksgiving...duh...gots to eat me some turkey). I'll also reveal our photographer, and some other fun wedding details!! Yay!


  1. Dude! That's so cool! It is the most amazing and magical place for a wedding! It is magical. Also? You're getting married on my birthday. For some reason I thought you lived in NYC. I don't know why I thought that. Now that I know you live in Chicago we should have coffee sometime.

  2. That's funny...maybe I project that because I used to want to live in NYC? Lol...coffee sometime would be nice. Feel free to email me.

  3. How cute! I've never heard of a wedding in a bake shop before, sounds "lovely" :)


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