Rhythm is a Dancer

Phew! What a week! If you follow me on twitter (and you totally should if you don't), you've probably noticed I've been a bit MIA. As expected, work has picked up big time and the lazy days of summer are long gone. I'm mega-busy with my real job, which means my beautiful blog and online presence has been suffering a bit. Sniff, sniff. I promise though that in a few weeks, things will be back to normal. It happens every year that when work picks up, I get overwhelmed and disappear for a bit, but then I get things organized and under control and I'm back. The one thing I can promise is that I won't stop blogging. That much I seem to be able to handle.

The other thing I'm excited to share is that beginning next week, you'll start seeing submissions around these here parts. I'm still getting started with that whole thing, but so far the response has been positive. You won't see weekly submissions yet, but you most certainly will see some peppered throughout September and October. And one is a real bride submission! Yahoo!

Now, on to the bigger and better things, aka the week's real wedding. This week's real wedding is big on details and lovely vintage, handmade wonderfulness. It's also the perfect wedding for this in-between weather it seems like everyone is experience lately - not really summer anymore, not yet fall. Honestly, though, the reason I included this wedding? One word: haterade. What's UP?

Is that not the most awesome thing ever? I want to serve Haterade at my next party! Plus, all those gorgeous things were purchased on etsy, which makes this wedding even more dear. So, so sweet!

This weekend, I'm excited to celebrate my friend's birthday/pregnancy. She's having a girl and already has two boys. I bought her present last night and it was so much fun buying teensy, weensy fabulous girl's clothing! A.P. and I are also planning on catching up on sleep, and having dinner with my mother. I'm hoping we'll get to squeeze in a movie, too. There are finally a couple I want to see! What are you lovelies doing this weekend?

Btw, I'm so, so bummed. I avoided it for so, so long, but I finally looked and saw that I missed GEORGE CLOONEY at the Telluride Film Festival. DAMMIT! So, instead, I keep looking at James Franco, who was at TFF last year and who sat one seat behind me.

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for this week:

Good news for us married folks!

Custom wine wedding labels! So beautiful!

Back to school party...for grownups!

Found a picture you love as inspiration for your wedding? Use the color palette generator to find your wedding colors!

Loving Shabby Apple's Academia collection!

Everybody is pregnant and about to pop!

Have you ever had Buckeyes? They're sickeningly sweet, but totally awesome! I imagine this Buckeye cheesecake is lot less sweet, but no less delicious!

I'm a big Magritte fan, so I'm crushing hard on Maia Flore's artwork.

(Friday dance photo and James Franco photos by me; Lindsay and Ryan's wedding photographed by Julie Harmsen Photography via Wedding Chicks)

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