Casual (Everything)

Last week, I gave you a look for a fancy night out on the town. In the comments, I was asked by Mimi to do one on how to look good in sweats. Done and done. Because if there's any look I like the most, it's casual chic. 90% of the time I'm in tight jeans, nice boots (usually my Uggs...it's like walking through the world in slippers), a white t-shirt and a tunic sweater or a tunic top, and a colorful scarf. That's easy. If my Stripes Every Day photos prove anything, it's that I dress super casual 95% of the time. It's how I live.

In making these boards, I tried to keep a couple of things in mind: 1. How can you look chic and be comfortable? (The answer is leggings and tunics.) and 2. How can you transition that look into nighttime and still be comfortable? (The answer is shoes and a good blazer.) Here are two takes on casual day, and a transition of one into a nighttime look. Mimi, you're welcome.

First up is a look I call Casual (Mama). It's perfect for if you're running errands, leaving the house for five minutes to go rent a movie, or whatever, really. I put Mama in parentheses because this is also totally an outfit I feel I would wear if I was at home with a baby and had to leave quickly to go run some errands. In fact, this was what I wore when I nannied. It's quick, comfortable, pee-proof (or easily cleaned), and easily dressed up with accessories. I also tried to pick items that were cheap, because let's face it, we all could use a break on our wallet. And if you're a new parent, you have diapers to buy, not $700 sweatpants.

The next two boards are really two-in-one. The first board is a daytime look and the second one takes the first's staple pieces and dresses them up for a night on the town. I picture both of these looks with the same hairstyle, specifically some sort of braided bun that falls right above the nape of your neck. Something like this:

This is an easy hairstyle to take from day to night. You can wear the fedora over it for a casual daytime look that hides the sun, and it can be your sophisticated updo for your night on the town!

Here's Casual (Day)! This is perfect for running errands, having lunch, working from home, or taking the little ones to the park. Again I aimed for less expensive pieces, with only the watch and the shoes costing a little more money. I figure that those are pieces you would invest a bit more money in anyway. I also couldn't help but throw in the funny "Arg!" necklace, which perfectly sums up how I feel about once an hour.

And here's Casual (Night). Perfect for a night on the town with your significant other, your gal pals, or your bad self. Again, the most expensive pieces are the shoes and the blazer, both simple, classic pieces that would be an investment.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these boards as much as I enjoyed making them! If you desire more looks, leave requests in the comments. I'm addicted to Polyvore, and need fuel for my fire.

(1st Braid Updo Photo via Heart and Sew; 2nd Braid Updo Photo by Ali Bosworth; All Fashion Boards Created by Me via Polyvore)


  1. omg! so great i just glanced will go back over. this looks so cute. i love your ideas. esp hair!!!

    you know i am (was?) a stylist right? could not have done this better myself. you can move to la and take my place.

  2. That's a compliment I will gladly take! I always wanted to be a stylist, but never felt like trying to break into that business. Perhaps that is why I love, love Polyvore. It's like pretend playing stylist! : O )

  3. i just looked again i think i may order those little ae pants. none of my pants fit still! tummy is a diff shape now. arg! (maybe the necklace too.) i needed some infusion of someone else's ideas, i used to get that at work.
    also the hair is esp genius. i never have time for it so i am going to try the braid or messy bun pin up idea.


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