First off, thanks to everyone for the well wishes and congratulations! I'm sorry I haven't been posting a ton the past couple of weeks. In addition to my vacation with A.P., I was in Colorado this past weekend. But I'm back to my normal routine and will hopefully be posting my same 2-4 times a week. Yay! I've missed blogging and reading blogs so much! And while you would think that today's post would be about wedding planning, it's not. Prepare yourselves for some serious awkwardness...

So before I met A.P., I dated...a lot. I met people out and about, through friends, and online. My friends used to tease me about dating so much and having dates with multiple guys at the same time, and I would always say, "Don't hate the player, hate the game!" And I meant it. Though I'm happy as a clam to have my beloved A.P. and only him, and also though I'm happy to get married soon, I am sooooooooo glad that I dated a bunch before I met the man I am officially going to marry. But the problem with dating a lot is that there are a lot of men you dated or went out on dates with wandering the city's streets. Or in my case, possibly working at my new job.

After completing all my training the past few weeks, I finally started my new job this week, and have been busy getting acclimated and getting to know my coworkers, specifically one, we'll call him Douchey LaRue (because he was a bit of a d-bag), who I need to coordinate with a lot. When I got there and met him, he did seem kind of familiar, and I started really thinking about it. I came to the conclusion that he might be this guy I had a HORRIBLE date with three years ago before I met A.P. There are some details that I remember about this guy, and so far they are all aligning with the details I'm learning about Douchey LaRue. People, I am kind of freaking out! I love this job...and this is a place I could work forever and retire from! I don't want to say anything, because it's a bit, you know, AWKWARD AS HELL! Thank goodness there was no lovin' of any kind involved, because that would be really bad, but still the date itself was pretty awful.

So here's my dilemma: Should I confront the guy? Or should I continue to pretend like I'm a complete retard and oblivious to the fact that this guy and I went out on a date and he was a total douchebag? Advice, please!


  1. Hmm. That is super awkward! How many dates did you have with him? Just the one? If it was just one and really 3 years ago....you could kind of chalk it up to both being totally different people now and give things a fresh start.

    Does he seem to be giving off any hints that he remembers you? If you really do love the job that much, I'm sure that its worth just brushing off the issue altogether.

  2. I probably wouldn't say anything - he is probably just as keen to forget, if he remembers.

    But yes, awkward.

    Get this - one of my friends had an internet hookup. I'm talking lovin' of the one night stand variety! - and she walks into work only to find him there, and they're working in parallel departments. Ick.

  3. Oh and I forgot to congratulate you on the official proposal - yay!! :-) All the best for the plans.

  4. Umm... totally play it off like either a) you don't remember him b) you don't remember him. Hopefully, he will take his cue from you. Though out of curiousity, what would you say? "Hi, remember me? That date a long time ago and you were a douchebag? It's gonna be great working with ya!" ;)

  5. I would just brush it off and keep it moving. One bad date years ago isn't worth bringing up, in my opinion.


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